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Electric Kitchen Grinder

Electric Kitchen Grinder

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Our Electric Kitchen Grinder, a convenient solution for all your grinding needs. With USB Type-C charging, a ceramic grinding core, and easy rotation, this grinder ensures effortless and precise grinding every time. Enjoy freshly ground spices, herbs, and coffee beans with ease and convenience.

Material: ABS
Usage: Electric
Color: Black
Function: Grinding

Size:18.7 x 11.1 x 9 cm


1. Easy rotation, controllable gear, fine clockwise and coarse counterclockwise, with unique flavors for different preferences.
2. Type-C fast charging, with strong and stable energy, can be repeatedly charged and used. The application of Type-C universal interface can meet the demand for fast charging.
3. Ceramic grinding core, high hardness, wear resistance, and long service life

Packing list:

  1 Grinder + Type C Charging Cable 


 2 Grinders + Type C Charging Cable + 1 Cleaning Brush


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