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Personality Simple Modern Manicure Chair

Personality Simple Modern Manicure Chair

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Product information:
Product Category: Dining Chair
Material: metal
Finishing material: cloth
Color: Grey Black Legs, Dark Grey Black Legs, Yellow Black Legs, Blue Black Legs, Lake Blue Black Legs, Violet Black Legs, Dark Green Black Legs, Pink Black Legs, Dark Grey - Gold Legs, Grey - Gold Legs , Yellow - Gold Legs, Blue - Gold Legs, Lake Blue - Gold Legs, Violet - Gold Legs, Dark Green - Gold Legs, Pink - Gold Legs, Dark Grey Gold Plated Legs, Grey Gold Plated Legs, Yellow Gold Plated Legs, Ink Green gilded legs, blue gilded legs, lake blue gilded legs, pink gilded legs, violet gilded legs, black legs optional (default pink) plus the same pillow, optional gold legs (default pink) plus the same pillow, Gold-plated legs optional (default pink) plus send the same pillow
Size: 79*43*37cm

Packing list:

Dining chair*1

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