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Minimalist Modern Scandinavian Chair

Minimalist Modern Scandinavian Chair

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Product Name: Chair
Material: leather
Style: simple atmosphere Chinese
Back width 53cm
Sitting width 45cm
Sitting depth 43cm
Height: 84-104cm
Sitting height: 60-80cm
Footrest height: 21-43cm
Color: retro camel 385mm chassis 60-80cm, stable smoke gray 385mm chassis 60-80cm, noble brown 385mm chassis 60-80cm, retro camel 415mm chassis 60-80cm, stable smoke gray 415mm chassis 60-80cm, noble brown 415mm chassis 60-80cm, short section 385 chassis 40-52 color message,short model 415 chassis 40-52 color message,fixed height 70cm iron model deep black,fixed height 70cm iron model atmospheric brown

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Chair x1

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