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Multifunctional Electric Steamer Cooker

Multifunctional Electric Steamer Cooker

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• Non-stick coating inner pot: The inner pot of this rice cooker is coated with a non-stick material, making it easy to clean and maintain.

• Underpan heating: The cooker heats up from the bottom, ensuring that the food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

• Multifunctional: This cooker can be used for more than just cooking. It can also be used to steam vegetables and dumplings.

• Single/double layer: The cooker has a single or double-layer design, allowing you to cook more rice at once and save time.

Product Information:

Type: Electric heating/hot pot
Electric heating/hot pot function: steaming, boiling, stewing, hot pot
Body material: plastic
Applicable number of people: 3-4 people
Color specifications:
A: 20cm non stick pan plastic ring glass cover,
B: 20cm non stick pot plastic ring glass cover+PP steamer,
C: 20cm non stick pan ring glass cover,
D: 20cm non stick pot steel ring glass cover+PP steamer,
E: 20cm non stick pot with steel ring glass cover and stainless steel grid,
F: 20cm (intelligent version) non stick pot with single layer steel ring glass cover,
G: 20cm (intelligent version) non stick pot steel ring glass cover+PP grid,
H: 18cm economy style non stick pan with a single layer,
I: 18cm economy style non stick double layer,
J: 22cm (3L) white double layer large capacity+P grid,
K: 22cm (3L) white double layer smart model, double layer+P grid,
L: 20cm (smart version) non stick steel ring glass cover+stainless steel steam grille,
M: 22cm (3L) white intelligent single layer,
N: 20cm non stick plastic ring cover yellow 110v

Packing List:

Electric cooker * 1 power cord * 1

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